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Shifting your succession planning mindset preview

Shifting Your Succession Planning Mindset

Here are five key advisor facts that speak to the heart of every principal who has yet to implement a viable succession plan or partnership.

overcoming barriers to partnership stack of 5 digital guides

Overcoming Barriers to Partnership

In collaboration with three-time bestselling author Beverly D. Flaxington’s 25-years of advisory sector consulting experience, Allworth Financial presents Overcoming the Barriers to Partnership, a groundbreaking new five-part workbook series that will not only help you identify, but actually overcome the most common emotional, behavioral, and logistical obstacles to partnering or selling your firm.

Heart of the Deal Guide cover by Allworth Financial and DeVoe

The Heart of the Deal

In collaboration with DeVoe & Company, “The Heart of the Deal” explores the emotional journey and unforeseen challenges an owner will face when undergoing an external partnership, and then delves into how to overcome many of those barriers.

Cover of the Integrator vs Aggregator Guide, showing a professional man smiling in an open office

Transition Planning: The Integrator and Aggregator Difference

Choosing a partner for the next phase of your business just might be one of the most personally complex decisions of your professional life. Whatever your reasons for seeking a transition, knowing your options before beginning your transition can help save you time, energy, and money.

cover of succession readiness assessment

Succession Readiness Assessment

Download our Succession Readiness Assessment Tool to see where you land in your planning journey. The guide includes a vision exercise, succession options to consider, and key points to include in your plan.

Partnering for Growth: Partnership Options for Advisors

Find answers to the most important questions pertaining to transitioning from IBD affiliation to an RIA partnership in our latest case study.