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Succession Readiness Assessment

Do you have a vision for the future of your firm?

As an owner of a financial advisory practice, preparing for your future and the
future of your firm, means succession planning. But the term ‘succession’ applies to
a much wider set of possibilities than merely retirement preparation. A succession
plan can and should be developed to prepare for several different scenarios you
might not have considered.

Who should consider establishing a succession plan?

  • Owners who in the next 5-10 years want to have more time for themselves or to work in a different capacity (i.e., spend more time with clients or family)
  • Owners within the ‘succession red zone’ (i.e. those seeking to retire within the next 3-5 years)
  • Owners looking to expand their service offerings and grow/scale their business
  • Owners looking to establish career paths for their employees and “care paths” for their clients should they abruptly be forced to stop working

Download our Succession Readiness Assessment Tool below to see where you land in your planning journey. The guide includes a vision exercise, succession options to consider, and key points to include in your plan.

Succession Readiness Assessment Download

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