Case Study – Partnering for Growth: Partnership Options for Advisors

While 2020 was a record year on the M&A front with large RIA acquisitions dominating headlines, partnerships between IBD-affiliated advisory firms and RIAs have also accelerated, leading to new opportunities for many firms.

Find answers to the most important questions pertaining to transitioning from IBD affiliation to an RIA partnership in our latest case study Partnering for Growth: Options for IBD-Affiliated Advisors, RIAs & Hybrid RIAs.

 Key highlights for IBD-affiliated advisors include: 

  • A $240M AUM IBD-affiliated advisor’s first-hand experience
  • Why IBD-affiliated advisors consider RIAs as a viable succession option
  • Why industry consolidation has accelerated
  • 2020 recap plus 2021 growth drivers

 (Case study only available to principals of RIAs and IBD-affiliated advisory firms.) 

Now Available: Growth Options Case Study

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