The Heart of the Deal: Understanding and overcoming the emotional barriers of selling an RIA

RIA owners sell their companies for many reasons: to solve for succession, gain the resources of a larger partner, reduce financial risk, to add services for their clients, and more. When you embark on the sales journey, you expect to negotiate valuation, deal structure, and other quantifiable components. Yet, you might be unprepared when confronted by another common-but-critical, and unexpected, factor: The emotional side of selling.

Heart of the Deal Guide cover by Allworth Financial and DeVoe

In collaboration with DeVoe & Company, “The Heart of the Deal” explores the emotional journey and unforeseen challenges an owner will face when undergoing an external partnership, and then delves into how to overcome many of those barriers.

You will also learn:

  • Why an internal succession plan is not possible for some RIAs
  • The three main areas of concern for business owners when selling
  • The most common fears principals have about transition planning
  • How to move beyond the emotional barriers to make decisions that are right for your goals
  • And more…

With 30 offices nationwide, $15B+ award-winning Allworth Financial has partnered with 26 advisory firms in five years. Download “The Heart of the Deal” to gain a deeper understanding of the emotional and logistical challenges facing principals seeking to implement succession plans.

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