Sep 20, 2022
person busy typing on a laptop with important documents around on the desk

InvestmentNews: The decline of internal succession in the age of integrators and aggregators

Advisory sector M&A.   COVID couldn’t slow it down, nor did skyrocketing interest rates, nor, for that matter Read More

Sep 20, 2022
Two people at an office desk with a laptop, pointing to a cell phone that is sitting on top of some documents

InvestmentNews: Succession planning isn’t driving all M&A

Through COVID and a bear market, advisory sector M&A continues to set records both for total transactions and for the multiples being Read More

Aug 24, 2022
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InvestmentNews: Maximize your firm’s value by leveraging a G2 adviser

Building a business that both lasts and is attractive to investors is an art form that requires hard work and a forward-thinking Read More

Aug 24, 2022
Partnership Announcement: Allworth Financial and Second Opinion Partners

Allworth Expands Midwest Presence with Acquisition of Second Opinion Partners

Fast-growing Allworth Financial announces its 2nd partnership of the day   Allworth Financial, the 9th fastest growing RIA in America[1], Read More

Aug 24, 2022
Partnership Announcement: Allworth Financial and Muchler Financial Services

Allworth Acquires New York’s Muchler Financial Services

Partnership expands Allworth’s Northeast U.S. presence With the completion of its 22nd partnership in four years, Allworth Financial, Read More

Aug 8, 2022
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InvestmentNews: How M&A deal structures have changed dramatically amid the bear market

The rumors of a potential slowdown of advisory sector M&A due to the bear market have been greatly exaggerated. Read More

Aug 8, 2022
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InvestmentNews: Soothing client concerns about investment philosophies during mergers

As advisory sector M&A continues to shatter previous records, the dominant headlines are typically about the number of completed Read More

Jul 14, 2022
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InvestmentNews: The advantage of tiering your advisory fees

Advisors understandably tout the advantages of charging clients a flat fee, foremost among them that it aligns the advisor’s interests Read More

Jul 13, 2022
Darla Sipolt joins Allworth Financial as EVP of Retail Growth

Darla Sipolt joins Allworth Financial as EVP of Retail Growth

Darla Sipolt, a former TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, and, most recently, Goldman Sachs’ executive, has been named Allworth Financial’s first-ever EVP of Retail Growth. Read More

Jul 5, 2022
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InvestmentNews: Is your custodian or IBD holding you back?

Assets under management. Culture. Number of clients. A history of organic growth. Revenues. The number of interested buyers. When it comes Read More

Jun 21, 2022
Smiling young woman at a desk in a sunny room, talking on a cell phone with one hand and working on a laptop with the other

InvestmentNews guest practice management column: The bedrock of client experience

Recent history suggests that, unless totally neglected, or misled, most clients won’t fire their advisor. Read More

Jun 7, 2022
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InvestmentNews: Bear markets chip away at firm valuations

With an erratic market taking a bite out of AUM, and rising interest rates making money more expensive to borrow Read More