Shifting Your Succession Planning Mindset

Here are five key advisor facts that speak to the heart of every principal who has yet to implement a viable succession plan or partnership.

shifting your succession planning mindset: giving up control

Part 1: Giving Up Control

Biggest fear is giving up control.

A full 34% of advisors say their biggest fear is not being in charge anymore.

shifting your succession planning mindset - selling to the wrong buyer

Part 2: Selling to the Wrong Buyer

Negative thoughts create fear and hesitation.

But 80% of our thoughts are negative. These thoughts create fear and that can keep advisors from taking action.

shifting your succession planning mindset - change in client care

Part 3: Change in Client Care

Diminished client care.

Almost one-quarter of all advisors worry that succession or a partnership will mean that their clients receive a lower standard of care.

shifting your succession planning mindset - giving up leadership

Part 4: Giving Up Leadership

You want to scale back but continue to lead.

The day-to-day of running a firm is a grind. 70% of firm principals want to slow down but continue to lead.

shifting your succession planning mindset - uncertainty about team

Part 5: Uncertainty About Team

No next gen advisor in the wings is a problem.

68% say internal succession isn’t feasible because there is no qualified next generation advisor waiting to pick up the slack.

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