State of the Industry Podcast


Dec 14, 2023
Partnership announcement for Allworth and Silicon Valley Wealth Advisors and hall wealth advisors, displaying all 3 logos side-by-side

Allworth Financial Acquires Two Additional Firms, Adds Over $650M In Client Assets

The agreements mark the 6th and 7th partnerships of 2023 for the fast-growing advisory firm, which now has 37 locations nationwide. With Read More

Nov 29, 2023
woman working at her desk

InvestmentNews: Another worrisome conflict of interest emerges

Unlike the dominant commission-only advisory model from 30 years ago, modern advisors are mostly steadfast in adhering to their Read More

Nov 21, 2023
Professional sitting at a desk, looking at a laptop while talking on their cell phone

InvestmentNews: 5 reasons I love this profession

Are you a financial advisor? Do you ever consider just how unique this occupation is? In “5 reasons I love this profession,” his Read More

Nov 7, 2023
screen displaying fianncial figures and numbers

InvestmentNews: Active asset allocation may cost you in more ways than one

Advisory firms that use a third party to actively allocate investments to the point of market timing can see tremendous client attrition Read More

Oct 24, 2023
Happy couple sitting and talking with a financial advisor

InvestmentNews: Our responsibility to improve the reputation of our profession

The fear of getting ripped off or otherwise embarrassed by an unfamiliar advisor creates inertia that keeps far too many people from Read More

Oct 6, 2023
Coworkers sitting together around a table in a meeting room

InvestmentNews: Mastering technology to serve more clients

Due to a massive migration of advisors into retirement, too few young people entering the profession, and Boomers and now even Gen Xers Read More

Sep 25, 2023
Working professional sitting on her desk reading some paperwork

InvestmentNews: How advisors can improve their clients’ lives

When an advisor does their job the “right way,” among other things, it means they place the needs of their clients first. Thirty years Read More

Sep 11, 2023
woman sitting at her laptop working

InvestmentNews: Thriving in your professional zone

Advisors must stop trying to be all things to all people and instead focus on what they do best and enjoy the most. Read More

Aug 16, 2023
scott hanson smiling

InvestmentNews: Why I stepped aside as CEO of Allworth

Thirty years ago, Pat McClain and Scott Hanson founded Allworth Financial because they believed that the fee-based RIA model was superior Read More

Aug 10, 2023
Happy couple meeting with an advisor and reviewing paperwork

InvestmentNews: How communicating expectations makes a good advisor

Most advisors work hard to help clients reach their financial and investment goals. But it can be when investments dip Read More

Jul 17, 2023
A confused older couple looking at documents

InvestmentNews: Why people are reluctant to hire an advisor

Many people of means, who have saved well and would benefit from the services of a fiduciary advisor, still refuse to hire one. In “Why Read More

Jul 11, 2023
partnership announcement allworth financial and harvest group

Father-Daughter $260M Massachusetts Firm, The Harvest Group, Partners with Allworth Financial

 With its fifth acquisition of 2023, fast-growing Allworth Financial expands Northeast presence while also adding its sixth female Read More