The Allworth-UAS Partnership

Limited time and an inability to scale compel many successful RIAs to find a better solution

UAS Wealth Advisors of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is unlike any of Allworth’s prior 21 completed partnerships. It is the only partner firm that has three principals: Matt Keller, Kirk Hudson, and Austin McDaniel.  (All three received a combination of cash and equity to become partner advisors with Allworth.)

While there is an old saying that two heads are better than one, there should also be an axiom that the more principals there are in the room, the more potential there is for disagreement on what the correct strategic solution is for a successful RIA that is beginning to be constrained by capacity and time. For Matt, Kirk, and Austin – all highly experienced professionals at different stages of their careers – how did they manage to agree to seek and finalize a partnership? 

Unanimously, they determined that their North Star for moving forward would be client care.  This clarity illuminated their path and calibrated their search for finding an ideal partner.  After engaging multiple candidate firms and conducting an exhaustive review on each, the three principals recognized that Allworth’s exceptional standard of care closely mirrored their own individual and collective commitment to caring for UAS clients.  This quality, in combination with other distinctive competencies that Allworth exhibits, made the decision to partner an easy one.

We knew our motivations for seeking a partnership and would settle for nothing less than a great cultural fit. We found that at Allworth and believe that its deep bench of talented professionals will boost the service and care that we can deliver for our clients.”

-Matt Keller

We did our due diligence. We met with several top firms and rigorously evaluated each on numerous factors. One distinct quality that elevated Allworth from our perspective is that the advisors consistently seemed fulfilled.

-Austin McDaniel

Many of our clients have been with us for a long time.  When we shared with them our decision to partner with Allworth, there was a resounding excitement because they trust us and know that we won’t steer them wrong.”

-Kirk Hudson