The Allworth-Capital Point Financial Group Partnership

capital point financial group assets under management $280+ million, 500+ clients, 30+ years in industry, located in Glenview, il

While many professionals come to advising after sampling other careers, some, such as Capital Point Financial Group Ltd., founder and principal John M. Selzer, Jr., CFP® – who won a contest in high school by selecting a winning stock – were fascinated by the market and investing right from the start.

Years later, as a successful advisor, and with a thriving practice with offices in three cities, John came to the realization that his day-to-day responsibilities were draining the idealism that had motivated him to become an advisor right out of college.

john selzer

“When you are in the independent space, you become a prisoner of your own success. The bigger you get, the more you are drawn away from the art of advising. I was so impressed with the leadership of Allworth, and so motivated to offload the operational aspects of running a business, that choosing Allworth as a partner felt like running from the darkness and into the light.” 

– Capital Point Financial Group Ltd., founder and principal, John Selzer, Jr., CFP®

For our 32nd equity partnership, Allworth Financial welcomes the team from Capital Point Financial Group Ltd., which brings decades of industry experience, $280M in AUM, and a team of professionals who are led by principal, John M. Selzer, Jr., CFP®, who knew early on in his educational journey that what he most wanted was to become an expert at investing and financial planning so he could help people live better lives.