The Allworth-Brennan Asset Management Group Partnership

Brennan asset management group assets under management $300+ million, 520+ clients, 50+ years in industry, located in Redding, ca

Accountants. Reps. Business owners. Advisors come from a variety of backgrounds, but some take less direct routes than others. Allworth equity-partner Robert Brennan of Redding, California’s Brennan Asset Management Group, was a tennis professional, but discovered that he had hit his stride as an athlete too late in life to make the impact on the world that he’d hoped to.

Game. Set. Match. He went into advising, found out how much he enjoyed working with people, and never looked back.

Bob Brennan

“Life is not linear. And after tennis, and then a more than three-decades long career of building Brennan Asset Management into a regional force, I knew the time had come for me to identify a partner that would enable me to scale back my operational responsibilities and return full-time to doing what I love doing most, which is improving the lives of those people I’m proud to serve.” 

– Brennan Asset Management Group founder and CEO, Robert Brennan

For our 34th equity partnership, Allworth Financial welcomes Brennan Asset Management Group, which brings three decades of industry experience, $350M in AUM, and its principal and founder, Robert Brennan, who realized early in his career that while playing professional tennis is only temporary, giving great financial advice to clients lasts forever.