Oct 26, 2019

Serving a Niche to Grow Your Business + an Exciting Acquisition Announcement

State of the Industry Podcast

State of the Industry Podcast: Episode 3

On this episode of State of the Industry, we welcome: 

Each guest offers a unique perspective on mergers and acquisitions, and then discusses the pros and cons of serving a niche market. This is followed by the announcement of an exciting new partnership between Allworth and RAA:

Key Takeaways:

  • How Allworth grew their firm in a niche space
  • How to navigate a bear market
  • Why private equity is interestedin the financial advisory space, and is more interest to come?
  • The pros and cons of serving a niche market
  • The story of RAA and their airline community niche focus
  • How RAA grew to $2.8B AUM in a select niche market

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