Nov 1, 2023

State of the Industry Podcast: “My succession plan needed a succession plan.”

State of the industry podcast my succession plan needed a succession plan featuring allworth financial co-founder and senior partner scott hanson and Laurie Ingwersen allworth partner advisor

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Audio transcript available here.

Allworth co-founder and program host Scott Hanson welcomes new Boston-area equity partner, Laurie Ingwersen, CFP®, co-owner of The Harvest Group. Laurie, whose business partner is her father, Roger Ingwersen, discusses why her firm elected to conduct their own due diligence, how Allworth’s internal culture is unique, and why she chose to partner with a larger firm rather than buy her father out.

  • Scott Hanson: Co-Founder, Allworth Financial
  • Laurie Ingwersen: Partner, The Harvest Group

Key Takeaways:                                                                                         

  • How they first heard about Allworth
  • The advantages of utilizing a larger firm’s technology
  • Which day-to-day management responsibilities she has been happiest to offload
  • What her clients are saying about the move to Allworth
  • Why she believes that the independent model is vastly superior to the wirehouse model