Apr 5, 2023

State of the Industry Podcast: “The Heart of the Deal: Confronting the emotion of selling your practice.”

State of the industry podcast confronting the emotion of selling featuring allworth financial co-founder and senior partner scott hanson and DeVoe and conmpany founder and ceo david devoe

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Audio transcript available here.

On this special episode of State of the Industry podcast, “Confronting the emotion of selling,” Allworth Co-Founder Scott Hanson welcomes DeVoe & Company Founder and CEO, David DeVoe. The two take a revealing look at the surprising findings of, “The Heart of the Deal,” a first-of-its-kind white paper (co-authored by DeVoe and Allworth) that examines the underestimated emotional challenges that principals must overcome when selling their firms.

  • Scott Hanon: Co-Founder, Allworth Financial
  • David DeVoe: Founder, DeVoe & Company

Key Takeaways:

  • What is the Human Element?
  • Why external sale is and will remain the norm
  • The research behind the project
  • How to overcome the emotional challenges of selling
  • Ways to navigate common obstacles before you begin
  • What to expect when selling to a larger firm
  • What larger firms provide