Oct 15, 2019

InvestmentNews Article: Sell but stay, and then watch your business grow

In this exclusive to InvestmentNews, Allworth Financial co-founder and co-CEO Scott Hanson explains to the principals of RIAs that there are better choices for both yourself and for the future of your firm than merely “retiring in place” or just flat-out selling.

The article reads:

I spoke at a conference recently, and I couldn’t help but notice the advanced ages of many of my peers.

The fact is that our industry is full of advisers who are approaching retirement age. And, in speaking with them, I learned that a few have succession plans, but many don’t.

Instead, advisers vaguely plan to “retire in place,” which means to slow down and milk what they’ve built until there’s very little left standing.

I urge you to refuse to fade away.

Scott Hanson, Co-Founder, Allworth Financial

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