Aug 16, 2023

InvestmentNews: Why I stepped aside as CEO of Allworth

scott hanson smiling

Thirty years ago, Pat McClain and Scott Hanson founded Allworth Financial because they believed that the fee-based RIA model was superior to any other approach to advising. They still feel that way today. But having surpassed the milestone of thirty offices nationwide meant a period of introspection and the realization that it was time for the co-CEOs to transition into new roles within the firm. In “Why I stepped aside as CEO of Allworth,” his July 9th, 2023, practice management column for InvestmentNews, Scott Hanson emphasizes that he is not stepping down or leaving the firm. In fact, far from it. But that it is time for him to focus on what he does best as a leader and pass the day-to-day tasks of operating a fast-growing RIA on to someone better suited to that role.

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