Sep 9, 2021

InvestmentNews Guest Article: Barbara Healy on Building Your Advisory Business

Small acts of kindness that build your advisory business
Barbara Healy, Senior Financial Advisor

In a world, and a business, that are increasingly driven by technology, when it comes to service and building an advisory practice, are personal touches a thing of the past?

Absolutely not.

Sitting in for Scott Hanson to pen Allworth’s bi-weekly practice management column for InvestmentNews, long-time advisor Barbara Healy explains to readers why treating clients as dear friends is good for them, good for our industry, and just plain good business.

From the article…

After nearly 30 years of advising for a fast-growing firm, I long ago learned that one of the very best ways to organically increase AUM was to treat clients as I would my dearest friends.

That’s because not only is it the right thing to do, but happy, well-cared for clients are loyal and tend to refer a lot of people.

For those of us who work in a firm whose business model is based on, not market timing, but strong relationships, client service, holistic financial planning, and client education, when we recruit advisors, we actively seek out those individuals who are the most adept at forming personal connections and inspiring loyalty.

In short, while our advisors are of course educated, subject matter experts, we like people who care about the well-being of other people

And it certainly doesn’t hurt that this is, by extension, cost effective.

Barbara Healy, Senior Financial Advisor, Allworth Financial

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