Mar 5, 2019

InvestmentNews Article: Part 1: I started a firm in 1993. Here’s how I’d build one in 2019

The most important thing a financial adviser needs is a steady stream of new clients. Yet, although it’s the most important thing, it’s also probably the most difficult, and something few advisers are really good at. Whether you’re new to the industry, or starting over in a new city, here’s what you should do to get people in the door.

This InvestmentNews article written by our Co-Founder Scott Hanson reads:

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a group of advisers about how to grow their practices. One of them said, “Scott, it’s different for you because you have such a large staff.”

Granted, maybe some business strategies are a little easier for me to execute now given the organization I have behind me. But I certainly didn’t start out that way.

Like most advisers, I started from scratch. As we grew, rather than coasting once I had a large client base (and an increasingly full schedule), we made adjustments and prepared for a future that would see us expand from two partners and one staff member to a team of 120 people and close to $4 billion under management today.

Scott Hanson, Co-Founder, Allworth Financial

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