Jul 23, 2019

InvestmentNews Article: Self-reliance Is Essential, But It Could Be Your Downfall

What if I told you that you should immediately change a key aspect of what brought you early professional success, and all so you could take your business to another level? Too much self-reliance is good, but only to a point. Want to really grow? Start delegating.

The article reads:

“I started out as a commission-based salesperson at a national financial services firm. It was the best bad thing that ever happened to me. (I’ll explain why in a moment.)

That firm sold me (and 20 others) on the money I could make and provided me with a lot of “rah-rah” motivation. These were both things that resonated with me as a highly driven, self-reliant young person. But out of that batch of​ 21 fresh-faced new hires, less than a year later there were only five of us left. “

-Scott Hanson, Co-Founder, Allworth Financial

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