Jul 20, 2023

Austin Financial Advisor Next Generation/Succession Planning Seminar

M&A Event: Austin, TX

Join Catherine Williams, Head of Practice Management at Austin-based Dimensional, and her co-host, award-winning, $18B in AUM, Allworth Financial Co-CEO, Pat McClain, at this information-packed, two-hour lunch presentation, titled, “Next Generation/Succession Planning.”

Catherine and Pat will share groundbreaking practice management guidance such as how to improve and increase the value of a firm while simultaneously preparing for future succession.

Catherine Williams
Catherine Williams, Head of Practice Management at Dimensional
Pat McClain
Pat McClain, CFP® Co-Founder & Co-CEO

The two will:

  • Share the findings of how high performing firms in Allworth’s global benchmark study are meeting next generation talent challenges such as compensation and improved career paths.
  • Detail how to identify, recruit, and retain high performing employees.
  • Present how top firms address structural and leadership alignment challenges that support succession planning.
  • Discuss how third-party partners/organizations can be leveraged to help implement succession and next-gen talent initiatives.

Austin lunch event:

  • Date: August 8, 2023*
  • Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm CT (A catered lunch will be-served.)
  • Location: Dimensional Place, 6300 Bee Cave Road, Building One Austin, TX 78746

*Registration closes August 3rd

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