Oct 4, 2019

Scott Hanson to Speak at the Tiburon CEO Summit XXXVII

SACRAMENTO, Calif., October 3, 2019 – Scott Hanson, co-CEO at Allworth Financial, formally Hanson McClain, will speak at the Tiburon CEO Summit XXXVII, hosted on Tuesday, October 8, 2019, at The Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Francisco, CA.

scott hanson

Scott will speak during two different sessions of the summit. The first session will be on the Tiburon Impact Adventure, which Scott has co-led with Chip Roame, Tiburon Managing Partner and Craig Wietz, President of First Rate, for the past three years. The Tiburon Impact Adventures are intended to connect first world finance with developing world needs. In January of 2019, Scott co-led the building of a home for a family in need in San Antonio Del Mar, Mexico. During the summit, Scott will speak about his experiences working on the 2019 Tiburon Impact Adventure and plans for next years’ service.

The second session will be a roundtable discussion in which Scott will talk about the emerging trend of mergers and acquisitions in the financial advising space and what the future might hold for advisors.

“We are honored to be invited to speak at the semi-annual Tiburon CEO Summit,” said Scott Hanson, co-founder of Allworth Financial, formally Hanson McClain. “And excited to speak a bit about the emerging trends of the industry and what that means for financial advisors.

Scott Hanson will be joined at the conference by Allworth’s Chief Operating Officer, Pete Engelken; Chief Financial Officer, Chris Oddy; Chief Technology Officer, Aid Garg; and Marketing Vice President, Brad Boekestein.

To learn more about the conference and other sessions, please click here.

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