Jul 16, 2020

InvestmentNews Article: Podcasts and Prospecting

Podcasts may not generate as many leads as radio shows, but they’re still a valuable tool

25-years ago, my business partner and I launched a financial topic radio program that quite literally helped our firm grow and brought in thousands of prospective clients.

Five years ago, we launched a podcast that surpassed 1,000,000 downloads, but doesn’t bring in new clients the way the radio show once did.

Here’s why.

From the article:

For 25 years, my business partner and I have hosted a financial topic broadcast radio program that, for the last five years, has also been available via podcast. For many years, our radio show was our #1 source of new leads for the firm.

But that’s all changed.

Two weeks ago, I wrote here how our radio program listenership has gone into decline (as most radio listenership has), but that we had surpassed 1,000,000 downloads of our podcast. 

But, unfortunately, despite its popularity, when it comes to attracting new clients, our podcast is no match for the halcyon days of our radio show. 

Part of the reason is that the best prospective clients for any financial advisor are not “do-it-yourselfers” who have decided to reach out with a one-time question. No. The best clients are the delegators and novices who hire us to deal with the financial matters in their lives. 

Scott Hanson, Co-Founder, Allworth Financial

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