Jan 12, 2020

InvestmentNews Article: The greatest service we provide to clients

You may like picking investments, but whether it’s encouraging a client to stay in the market, or explaining to them when they need to rein in their risk exposure, the greatest service we advisors provide for clients is when we keep them from making mistakes from which they can’t recover.

The article reads:

If you’re an adviser, the greatest value you bring to clients is keeping them from making mistakes from which they won’t recover.

This past week, I was reflecting on the different outcomes experienced by two couples who recently came into our office for a routine review. Both couples have been clients since the breadwinners retired in 2005. In fact, they worked for the same company for years and had similar financial situations.

Yet sitting there over coffee, his entire future ahead of him, he asked me where he’d gone wrong.

Scott Hanson, Co-Founder, Allworth Financial

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