Dec 14, 2020

Allworth Employees Donate $1 Million to Support Foster Kids Nationwide & Launch Allworth Kids Program

SACRAMENTO, CA — DECEMBER 14, 2020 — Allworth Financial, an independent wealth management firm with offices throughout the United states, announced today that its team of 226 employees have come together to raise and donate $1 Million to foster children nationwide this holiday season. This donation also marks the launch of Allworth Kids, a new program from Allworth Financial designed to help foster children throughout the country.

This announcement celebrates the almost 30 years of giving Allworth Financial has embarked on in its community, donating time, energy and resources in support of a variety of nonprofits coast-to-coast with a newly honed focus on an important cause close to their hearts.    

Allworth Financial’s donation will reach foster children through a partnership with Ticket to Dream Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing hope and opportunity for foster children across the nation, so they can just be kids. Through this partnership, the $1 Million donation will be used to positively impact the lives of foster children, from the moment they enter care until they transition to adulthood, by providing them with essential items like properly fitting clothing and shoes, personal care products, school supplies, music lessons, to participate in sports or go to a movie, and even provide for them during disaster relief.

Allworth Financial’s co-founder Scott Hanson and his wife, Valerie, recently adopted two foster children, who are sisters. Their awareness of the plight of the more than 400,000 kids who are navigating the foster care system led them to share their story and engage the company’s employees in joining them to raise money and volunteer for the Allworth Kids program.

“The entire Allworth Financial team is thrilled to be able to make this generous donation and establish a foundation for opportunities ahead to contribute to such an important cause,” said Hanson. “Through our partnership with Ticket to Dream, we’re excited to be able to support their incredible work and devotion to creating hope and opportunity for foster youth by aligning with 200 agencies that directly support the issues facing these children.”

Ticket to Dream Executive Director, Gina Davis, expresses the significance of this donation, “we are beyond thankful for the tremendous support Allworth employees are providing for foster youth. Now more than ever, these donations will make a meaningful impact in the lives of thousands of kids who need it most.”

Employee donations and support for the Allworth Kids program has been a resounding success. Said Jeffrey Baumert, EVP Financial Services, “it’s important to gain perspective about the hundreds of thousands of children who are separated from parents and siblings and are placed into unfamiliar surroundings and situations where they may not be getting their basic needs met. In my nearly 20 years at Allworth, I’ve never seen this level of excitement about volunteering and contributing. I think people appreciate the opportunity to do something good for others.”

“Allworth Kids is something we all want to be a part of,” said Alexa Phillips, Head of Community Involvement. “Our goal is to help alleviate the anxiety so many foster children feel each day, and mentor and help guide them toward better futures. For us, it’s tough to imagine a more important or worthwhile endeavor than this.”

Allworth Kids will be formally introduced in the New Year, providing opportunities for the community to join Allworth Financial in making donations to support Foster Children. For more information about Allworth Kids, please visit